May 23, 2014

Collecting Online Student Work Using Google Forms

These days, in-class exercises often have links associated with them. Instead of using email or the discussion board to collect links from your students for grading, try using Google Forms.

Google Forms is a tool you can use to collect all sorts of information. You can create a form anytime by going to your Google Drive account and click on the Create button. Then choose Form.

This three minute video will give you some basic information about using Google Forms.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Go to Drive and Create a Form
  • Add a text question: What is your last name, first name? (This is so you can sort the information easily)
  • Add a text question: Please submit the link to your XYZ Assignment.
  • Click on share to get the link to the form.
  • Post the form link somewhere (Blackboard Discussion Board) so that students can submit the link to their assignment.
  • View the responses on the spreadsheet once the assignment deadline has passed.

All of the links your students submitted will be on one spreadsheet called xyzform (responses). You can sort my name and easily review each person's works.

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