Jun 6, 2014

Examples of ePortfolios

Creating a website for sharing your work and communicating information is quite easy to do with the right tool!

We created ePortfolios using Google Sites, Weebly, and Pathbrite to see how each one worked. The list below is in alphabetical order and gives a link to the official help page and my example sites so you can see what an end product might look like. Let us know if you'd like us to check out another ePortfolio building tool.

You may wish to use a website to create an ePortfolio!  These sites allow you to do this with relative ease.

Value of an ePortfolio (check this out!)

Google Sites

Free. Now that Baker College is a Google Apps For Education institution, using Google Sites for ePortfolios will be an efficient choice for many students.  One of the templates built into Google Sites is specifically for e-Portfolios!


Individuals can get a free account. They have paid accounts for institutions. It's simple to use and good if many of your projects are web-based. Since it's so simple to use, it's less flexible.


A basic site is free. Templates are available to help you get started or you can build from scratch. Weebly gives you opportunities to purchase various add-ons from domain names to images, if that is a desire, but not necessary.

A basic site is free.  Templates are available to help you get started or you can build from scratch. Wix gives you opportunities to upgrade your site, but it is not necessary.

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