Oct 6, 2014


Using Evernote

Evernote is a free digital workspace which allows you to keep all kinds of information and data in one location that can be accessed from a number of mobile devices.  There are paid versions as well, but more of the functionality you need can be found in the free version.

It can start with the simple task of note taking, the ability to keep all you notes organized and in one place.  There are a lot of items that can be added/stored besides text, which is what makes Evernote so powerful.

A great web-based, or app-based tool for note taking and organizing content.
Use notebooks to keep all individual notes together 
– Create text-based or audio notes; can also add attachments or images to a note 
– Can annotate notes 
– Can share notes 
– Can add reminders
-  Use to create a journal

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