Oct 24, 2014

Hosting and/or participating in a Webex

Webex is a great tool for collaboration and hosting a virtual meeting. You can get a number of people together to participate from a distance!

There are things to know if you are the host, but it can be equally important to understand your role as a Participant.

As a Participant, you need to understand the screen, how people share their screen with you, how you communicate in audio, as well as the chat feature, and the importance of knowing how to use the Mute button, when you are not speaking to cut down on extraneous noise during the session. There is also some value knowing the presenter roles as well, since the Host of the Webex can actually turn over the Presenter (or Host) role to you, then you will need to know the responsibilities and tools of being the Host!

This particular tutorial is from the perspective of the Host, but can be equally beneficial to the Participant as well.

Items discussed:
-Chat feature
-Share Desktop
-Participants list
-Record session
-Mute button
-Change Presenter or Host
-Raise hand

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