Jan 5, 2015

Google Forms to collect information

GOOGLE FORMS: Use it to collect student data

Google Forms is a Google App capable of a number of different things.  You can do a survey, create an invitation, build a quiz, and gather data.  You can have students participate in this activity by posting the link to this form in Blackboard.

This tutorial shows how to create a quick information gathering tool to use the first day with your students.  You may already introduce yourself to the students and ask them to do the same.  You can do the same thing with Google Forms, and the results are captured neatly in a spreadsheet for you to use.  You can also set the form to share the info with the other students, if you desire.

- you can ask their name
- program of study
- career goals
- current employment
- objectives they are looking to get out of the course
- number of years attending Baker College

Once you learn how to create these forms, it can actually be demonstrated to your students who may wish to conduct a survey or gather information for a project in your course.  Students could use this video as well to learn the basics of Google Forms.

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