Feb 19, 2015

Using RSS Feeds to continuously access content from the Web - Using Feedly

An RSS feed is a way to subscribe to content on the web so you don't have to constantly visit websites and other areas on the Internet in order to be updated on the content you have an interest in.  An RSS Feeder acts as your mailbox where you receive this content, and you need one in order to subscribe to RSS feeds.  In this tutorial you will see a demonstration of a web-based RSS feed reader - FEEDLY.

Blooms Levels= 1, 2, 3, 4 (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis)

Instructional Strategies
There are a number of different instructional strategies for using this tool, as it helps you organize resources.  Some that come to mind are:

     - allows exploration of different viewpoints
     - can help clarify ideas and sharpen analytical skills
Concept Formation
    - students can group different content together
    - make their own meaning
    - organize and classify information
Reading for Meaning
    - can learn how to comprehend what they read
    - can focus on pulling out key constructs from what they read

Similar in some ways to Symbaloo, where you can also create your own webpage which contains websites and RSS feeds, Feedly is a web-based RSS feed reader that works in both the Apple and Windows platforms.

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