Apr 16, 2015

Microsoft Office Mix - PowerPoint add-in Part IV (inserting a video and live web site)

Microsoft Office Mix
This is an add-in to PowerPoint 2013 for Windows PCs (currently no release for Mac).

This tutorial is Part IV (please watch at least Part I which is an Office Mix overview, if you haven't done so), which shows how to use an app to load a video or website into the slide, and allow them both to be live when playing back the presentation.

Other tutorials will be part of the Office Mix lesson, so if you are looking for ways to use other tools, please review those.

You are probably very comfortable using PowerPoint as an instructor, so this add-in tool increases functionality of what you do with publisher created presentations or ones you create yourself.

-Great for flipped classroom activities
-Create dynamic multimedia presentations
-Build interactive lessons and learning experiences
-Can help facilitate blended learning courses

Microsoft Office Mix - help guide

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