Jul 14, 2015

Recording in YouTube and uploading to Blackboard

Create your own video right in YouTube!

You can use your YouTube account (use your Google login to access) to create short videos and load them into your Blackboard class.  

There are other tutorials on this site that shows you how to locate videos, edit videos and upload them to Blackboard, so once you view this tutorial you may be interesting in reviewing some of those based on the learning goal you are trying to accomplish.

You are probably comfortable viewing YouTube videos but if you have a webcam, you can actually record videos directly in YouTube. These videos remain in your YouTube account, where you can post them and share them in a number of fashions. This tutorial shows you how to upload the video you created, into Blackboard.

-Great for mini lectures
-Pointing out key issues
-Great for flipped classroom activities
-Can be used in a blended learning environment

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