Aug 31, 2015

YouTube and closed captioning

YouTube is a great Web 2.0 tool for adding content to your course.  There are other videos in this series that show you how to record your own video in YouTube as well as how to share it with other people.

This video doesn't really show any instructional strategies, but is more "maintenance" and "prep work" for a YouTube video.

YouTube automatically does closed captioning for you, for purposes of making it viewable for the hearing impaired.  However, sometimes YouTube doesn't get it exactly right!  Learn how to "adjust/edit" closed captions as well as set timings so the text shows up at the appropriate time of the video.

It is relatively simple to make adjustments to the closed captioning language of a YouTube video.  This tutorial shows how to add your script, check the auto caption settings, and set the timings if they are not correct.

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