Oct 16, 2015

VoiceThread - web based voice over tool for images and videos.

Improve your presentations beyond just text.  Improve a PowerPoint presentation by adding voice and video, along with text components to it.  Add to an image or video with additional content to set it apart from strictly static graphics.  Access to third party sources (i.e. Khan Academy, Flickr, etc.) to use in your own presentations is as easy as a click away!

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Didactic Questioning, Critical Thinking, Lecture, Reflection, Presenting, Digital Storytelling, Demonstration of process workflow

Bloom's Level: 1-4  (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, and Analyzing)

- Flipped Classroom
- Blended Learning
- Learner centered
- Reflection

- Live discussion
- BYOD uses
- Presentation enhancement

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