Nov 4, 2015

Screencastify: Great screen capture recorder for use with the Chrome broswer

Screencastify is a Google Chrome browser extension that allows for the recording and capturing of what is on your computer screen and allow for mouse movement capture, audio and video overlays.

This is a free Chrome extension so Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, PCs, and Macs - all using the Chrome browser - can do screen capture recordings and upload to Google Drive (automatically) and to YouTube for further sharing.

Other screencapture tools don't always work with Chromebooks, as they require Java!  This tool does not!

Use the TAB recording feature when you want to record just the tab and would like to use digital ink to annotate your page.

Use the DESKTOP recording feature when you don't need to use the digital ink and would like to capture multiple windows during your recording.

In the recording there is mention of an upgraded account for a one-time fee of $30.  That was for 2015.  For 2016, it is now $24 annually.  For the most part, the unlimited time and the removal of the Screencastify watermark are the major differences.

Instructional Strategy: Lecture, Digital Storytelling, Reflection
Blooms Levels= 1-2 without activity (knowledge, comprehension) 3-4 with activity (application, analysis) 

Stimulate reflection
Challenge the imagination 
Develop curiosity and sense of inquiry 
Push content 
Introduce topic/content, followed by a discussion to support the concepts covered in the lecture 
Lecture method should include the types of experiences students will be afforded and the kinds of learning outcomes expected 
Teacher-centered (unless activity is involved) 
Incorporating an activity can help to enforce learning as the attention span of students may be limited 
Lecture should not repeat the textbook but should provide additional information and examples 
Provides the instructor the opportunity to apply the concepts from the book and course to real-world experiences

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