Feb 9, 2016

How to access the Blackboard Clickable Rubrics - A Student Perspective

How does a student view a Blackboard Clickable Rubric? 

Instructors are taking advantage of grading rubric to provide timely, meaningful feedback to students. Blackboard has a building block tool called "clickable rubric" that seamlessly links the assigned rubric to the appropriate Grade Center column.

Students sometimes don't know how to access the rubric for review before submitting the completed work. Sometimes instructors don't know how a student does it either, so can't help them.

This brief tutorial shows, from the "student view" how to access and view two different types of clickable rubric.

1. When an assignment is submitted to an Assignment Link

2. When there is no Assignment Link associated with turning in the assignment (assignment is turned in during class, engagement, participation, speech/oral presentation, etc.)

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