Mar 10, 2016

Hemingway App: The Proofreading Tool for Your Writing!

Use the Hemingway app tool to highlight common writing problems.

This free web-based app (there is a 2.0 version for $9.99) allows you to input sentences, paragraphs, even entire papers and get a quick highlight of common writing problems, in your work.  Each problem is color coded for easy visibility, and help is available so you can make adjustments.

Specific problems addressed:

  • Complex words
  • Extra-long sentences
  • Too many adverbs
  • Passive voice


This tools is easy to use, can be used on a tablet, laptop or a desktop.  It has its limitations, but has a short learning curve and a nice visual appearance that can quickly identify areas of weakness for the writer.  Has its limitations; not as powerful as NoRedInk, but can be helpful for those needed quick and easy writing help.

Instructors can assign students to use before submitting a draft!  Students can use this like an automated proofreader for some common writing mistakes.  Once this issues are color coded for you, you can make the appropriate changes prior to submission!

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