Jun 13, 2016

Easel.ly - infographics tool

Use Easel.ly, a free web-based infographics tool  which makes it easy to convey information with a strong visual approach.  This is a great way to show numbers and numerical data.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGY: Compare/Contrast, Digital Storytelling, Infographics Bloom Level = 3+ (apply, analysis, etc.) 

- Clarify thinking
- Classify ideas
Explain meaning
- Graphic organizer
- Digital storytelling- Reflective judgment (Affective Learning)
- Highlight similarities and differences (which shows student has a deeper understanding that goes beyond surface level)
- Form generalizations based on categorized items

Easel.ly is a free web-based app (pro version for $3/month is also available) is a great infographic tool.  This tool makes for easy construction of digital storytelling assignments, digital bulletin boards and anything where a visual could be as powerful or more powerful than just text.

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