Jun 14, 2017

Create Word Clouds using Wordle

Wordle is a free app that allows you to use a PC or a Mac to create word clouds. There is no software to download, but it is a java-based platform, so it will not work with Google Chrome (Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox).

Instructors and students can use this tool to show meaning, collect thoughts and opinions about topics, and provide a representation of those thoughts and opinions as an image, knows as a "word cloud".

You can type in words, place in a portion of a document or even use a URL to form a word cloud that represents the most common/frequent theme of that material.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Compare/contrast, Concept mapping, Reflection, Demonstrate Understanding

Bloom's Level: 1-3 (Knowledge, Comprehension, Application)

-Demonstrate understanding
-Student voice
-Make connections
-Clarify thinking

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