Jan 20, 2020

Use gamification in your classroom with Gimkit

Interested in gamification?  Why not try Gimkit!  Gimkit is a free web-based application with no software download required, that works on a Mac, PC or mobile devices.  Gimkit allows an instructor to select or build quiz questions in a "kit" that students play against a clock as well as each other to accumulate points (in game dollars).  Similar to Kahoot or Quizlet, this is another version of an app that allows you to provide a fun formative assessment component to your course!

Instructional Strategy: Lecture
Blooms Levels= 1-2 without activity (knowledge, comprehension)
  3-4 with activity (application, analysis)
  • Stimulate reflection
  • Challenge the imagination
  • Develop curiosity and sense of inquiry
  • Push content
  • Introduce topic/content, followed by a discussion to support the concepts covered in the lecture
  • Lecture method should include the types of experiences students will be afforded and the kinds of learning outcomes expected
  • Teacher-centered (unless activity is involved)
  • Incorporating an activity can help to enforce learning as the attention span of students may be limited
  • Formative assessment
  • Reflective quiz
  • Provides the instructor the opportunity to apply the concepts from the book and course 

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