Mar 30, 2015

Help your students improve writing and grammar with NoRedInk


A great web application to help students practice, and improve writing and grammar - NoRedInk allows the instructor to provide formative and summative assessments on many writing and grammar areas and access reporting on student results.

You can create Assignments which are formative assessments students can take, see what they did wrong, try again, and get help and hints along the way.  Then you can release quizzes that are summative assessments to gauge your student's growth.

If, when grading a student's paper you notice many writing or grammar issues, you can actually create a very quick tutorial for the student and give them access to it for additional practice on that subject.

-Provide additional learning experiences for writing and grammar. 
-Develop assignments for practice with a few easy clicks of the mouse.
-Release quizzes that will auto-grade for you.
-Provide students with unlimited help whenever and on whatever they need it for.
-Track growth; view results of student attempts

Instructor creates a free account and can establish a class or multiple classes, as well as multiple exercises/practices in that class.

Student creates a free account, and using the class code (randomly generated for each class) accessing the learning experience.

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