Apr 6, 2015

Infographics with an iPad and Tellagami

Tellagami - a mobile device app for both iOS and Android which allows you to create quick 30 second infographics on either platform.  When done you can email the link to anyone or yourself for distributing in Blackboard or on a website.

There is a free version with some limited features and a paid version ($4.99) with a few more tools you may be interested in.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGY: Compare/Contrast Bloom Level = 3+ (apply, analysis, evaluation) 

- Clarify thinking
- Classify ideas
- Reflective judgment (Affective Learning)
- Highlight similarities and differences (which shows student has a deeper understanding that goes beyond surface level)
- Form generalizations based on categorized items

Other Technology that Facilitates Compare/Contrast

Word/Concept Visualizers

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