Apr 8, 2015

Microsoft Office Mix - PowerPoint 2013 Add-in (Part I)

Microsoft Office Mix
This is an add-in to PowerPoint 2013 for Windows PCs (currently no release for Mac).

There are going to be a few tutorials on this subject.  The Part I is an overview of the tool and how to get it loaded in the Microsoft Office 2013 Suite software package on your computer.

Other tutorials will be an in-depth look at various tools like recording audio over your PowerPoint presentation, screen capture of images, digital inking for annotations, built-in quiz and polling feature, sharing and storing presentation in Microsoft Office Mix Cloud.

You are probably very comfortable using PowerPoint as an instructor so this add-in tool increases the functionality of what you can do with publisher created presentations or ones you create yourself.

-Great for flipped classroom activities
-Play output on PCs, Macs and mobile devices
-Create dynamic multimedia presentations
-Build interactive lessons and learning experiences
-Can help facilitate blended learning courses

Microsoft Office Mix - help guide

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