Jun 8, 2015

Ed Puzzle: customize your video clips

Ed Puzzle is an easy way to find a video and customize it - it is a video mashup builder. You can crop just the portion you want, include audio notes, and build quizzes right inside the video!  This can be done on videos you create or ones you find.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Concept formation, Compare/Contrast, Reflection, Digital Storytelling, Creating, Lecture

Bloom's Level 3-6 (Application, Analyze, Evaluate, Create)

-Flipped Classroom
-Blended Learning
-Formative Assessment
-Maker Movement
-BYOD uses

Learn how to use Ed Puzzle to search for great videos by subject, from some well respected sources like Khan Academy and TED. Both instructors and students can use this tool to create video mashups.  You can crop a video to be just the length you need it.  You can eliminate all audio and do the narration yourself.  Audio notes can be added which causes the video to pause while you explain your information to the viewer, and the same can be said for quizzes added throughout the mashup.

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