Jun 26, 2015

Understanding Bloom's Taxonomy and Digital Bloom's

Benjamin Bloom and his team developed a framework to perform higher order thinking in education.  It has been modified to include the use of technology in the learning environment.

Bloom’s is and has been used throughout Baker College for years. Bloom’s is referenced in the Tier professional development modules. As you know, Bloom’s Taxonomy is a key tool used in education to determine appropriate levels of knowledge. Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy encompasses the knowledge levels, expanded with verbs describing how one uses technology. BYOD is about using tools to achieve your desired level of Bloom’s. The most important factor is to determine, “What is your goal?” Once you have a clear goal or outcome, you can determine a strategy to fully support that goal. Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy is not about the tools or technologies, it’s about using these tools to facilitate learning. Technology is a tool used to support and enhance learning. Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy provides a method to deliberately and intentionally integrate technology to support learning. Technology is aligned to the levels of knowledge. It provides detail for types of technologies at each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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