Sep 23, 2015

Nearpod: Interactive Lesson Creator

Nearpod is a free web-based interactive presentation tool.  Students can participate on any device: PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone!  There is no download required for students, just an individual access code the instructor shares.   

The instructor creates a presentation that can contain content, activities, interactions and formative assessments.  The students view the instructor's screen on their devices, and in some cases can move through the presentation at their own pace.  Other presentations can be imported into Nearpod to build a powerful learning experience.  Images, videos, polls, quizzes and drawing tools are some of the activities possible with this app.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Didactic Questioning, Critical Thinking, Lecture, Reflection, Presenting

Bloom's Level: 1-5  (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, and Evaluating)

Nearpod is a free, web-based platform for creating presentations with interaction and formative assessment pieces that can be presented live.  You can use a presentation your build yourself or one you import - starting with PowerPoint or Keynote slides.   

Students can access your completed Nearpod on smartphones, laptops or tablets and you can determine whether students can see the responses of everyone live, or let everyone respond and you can then share the results.

- Flipped Classroom
- Blended Learning
- Formative Assessment
- Learner centered
- Reflection

- Live discussion
- BYOD uses

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