Sep 14, 2015

Using Pear Deck to engage your audience

Pear Deck allows you to build or use existing slide presentations to engage your students with the content.  You can embed interactions for formative assessment purposes, and reuse these presentations for that same course again, without starting over.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Didactic Questioning, Critical Thinking, Lecture, Reflection, Problem-Solving

Bloom's Level: 1-5  (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, and Evaluating)

Pear Deck is a free, web-based platform for creating presentations with formative assessment pieces that can be presented live.  You can use a presentation your build yourself or one you import - starting with PowerPoint or Google Slides, you can add various audience response slides for feedback, reflection and formative assessment purposes.

Students can access your completed Pear Deck on Smartphones, laptops or tablets and you can determine whether students can see the responses of everyone live, or let everyone respond and you can then share the results.

- Flipped Classroom
- Blended Learning
- Formative Assessment
- Reflection

- Live discussion
- BYOD uses

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