Jan 7, 2016

Trello: A great free web-based tool for organizing, project management, and collaboration activities!

Trello is a free web-based application which allows one person or a team of collaborators to organize information, keep track of a workflow using project management skills, and share some or all of the work with other collaborators.

Use Trello to individually or in a team, develop the workflow for a project.  Create the activities, due dates, areas of responsibility, people responsible, resources required, etc. - needed in the workflow for project management.  Share with others outside, or just with members of your team.  She your entire project in a single glance.  Get a summary or a detailed look of all activities, due dates, and status toward completion.

Sync across devices (there is an app for iOS and Android devices)!

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Compare/Contrast, Collaboration, Demonstration, Brainstorming

Bloom's Level: 1-5  (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing and Evaluating)

- Clarify thinking
- Organization
- Collaboration
- Project management
- Classify ideas
Explain meaning
- Graphic organizer
- Digital storytelling- Reflective judgment (Affective Learning)
- Highlight similarities and differences (which shows student has a deeper understanding that goes beyond surface level)

- Form generalizations based on categorized items
- BYOD ideas
- Visualization

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