Jan 12, 2016

Video recording (Webcam capture) with 123 Apps!

Since YouTube webcam recording and Blackboard's Video Everywhere has stopped working, we need a "workaround" for those who still wish to utilize a personalized video capture for class.

123Apps.com is a free site that contains a number of tools for video recording, audio recording, video converting and many other things.  In this tutorial, you can learn how to create a video recording using your computer and webcam with no additional software needed.

Instructional Strategy: Lecture
Blooms Levels= 1-2 without activity (knowledge, comprehension)
  3-4 with activity (application, analysis)
  • Stimulate reflection
  • Challenge the imagination
  • Develop curiosity and sense of inquiry
  • Push content
  • Introduce topic/content, followed by a discussion to support the concepts covered in the lecture
  • Lecture method should include the types of experiences students will be afforded and the kinds of learning outcomes expected
  • Teacher-centered (unless activity is involved)
  • Incorporating an activity can help to enforce learning as the attention span of students may be limited
  • Lecture should not repeat the textbook but should provide additional information and examples
  • Provides the instructor the opportunity to apply the concepts from the book and course to real-world experiences

Can also be used to provide weekly feedback, or periodic feedback like on a large paper/project where students turn in items as drafts to get input.

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