May 12, 2016

Use Google Templates to speed up your workflow

Have you every made the perfect document, spreadsheet, or presentation?  Then, you need to do it again, only having to start over and build another one? Don't waste time recreating it the next time you need a similar item - use a template instead!

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGY:  Problem Solving, Concept Formulation, Presentation,
Organizing Resources

Bloom Level = 2 - 6   (understanding, application, analysis, evaluation, creation)

Google has many tools, add-ons, and extensions that increase the functionality, performance and integration of the platform.  Templates are one of the tools.

Templates are prototypes, items you have created or found that can be of use in the future, with just a little bit of modification and adjustment of content.

Use public Google templates available to you, or add your own for personal consumption, Baker College use, or public use.  You can find/create templates for Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drawings.

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