Jun 1, 2016

Scoop.it - content curator

Have websites, blogs, videos you like to access for additional content in your course - do you like it to constantly be updated?  Scoop.it is a content curator that does just that.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGY:  Problem Solving, Concept Formation, Critical Thinking, Make Connections, Organizing Resources
Bloom Level = 2+   (understanding, application, analysis, evaluation, creation)

Scoop.it is a free web-based site (though there are apps for Apple, Android, Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks) that allows you to create a topic (your own personal site), search for items related to that topic, follow or "scoop" to your topic page - and then share it with those who need access.

The site is searchable so you can find other items that can be posted to your site with similar content.  You can add and delete items at any time - as more current information is present and other material becomes obsolete - this keeps you site fresh!

This becomes a repository for content you need for your courses - all in one place, that gets updates as soon as the creator updates their material!  

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