Jul 25, 2016

Using Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free web-based tool that allows you to create social media graphics, web stories and animated video slide shows.

Use the Inspiration Gallery to get ideas, and create your own using templates or building from scratch.  Use images you already have on your computer, photo sharing side or get creative commons images direct from Adobe.  Modify as you go, in real time, add music and narration to your animated video slides to create the perfect digital story!

Your finished product is an MP4 which means it can be viewed on a lot of different devices.  There is no download required, it is stored on Adobe's server, but can also store a copy on your computer.  Use the "Post" "Page" or "Video" type to create your Spark!

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Compare/Contrast, Collaboration, Demonstration, Brainstorming  

Bloom's Level: 1-5 (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing and Evaluating)

- Clarify thinking
- Organization
- Collaboration
- Project management
- Classify ideas
- Explain meaning
- Graphic organizer
- Digital storytelling
- Reflective judgment (Affective Learning)
- Highlight similarities and differences (which shows student has a deeper understanding that goes beyond surface level)
- Form generalizations based on categorized items - BYOD ideas - Visualization

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