Aug 10, 2016

Use Google Sites to create free easy website to house your information.

You can use Google Sites to create a website, ePortfolio, digital storybook, infographics or use as a digital repository to store content of any kind: text, spreadsheets, drawings, presentation, image, web links, audio files and videos.

Google Sites is a free website creation app, built right into your Google Apps For Education (GAFE) tool set, with a short learning curve. 

Quickly build, edit and publish a website that can be shared with who every you want to get access to.  Easy to build, templates available, be creative or use a nice starting point to launch your website.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Compare/Contrast, Reflection, Digital Storytelling, Creating

Bloom's Level 3-6  (Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, Creating)


-Digital storytelling
-Resource gathering
-Project Based Learning

-Digital repository

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