Feb 8, 2017

Venngage - a great infographics tool

Use Venngage, a free app, to make infographics to use for digital storytelling purposes.

Venngage is a web-based application which allows you to create stunning visual representations of information you wish to show to your audience.  In five easy steps you can use this tool to create infographics, posters, reports, promotions and social media mockups using visual media.

It is very helpful to storyboard out your idea, then you start to create your new Venngage diagram by adjusting text, icons, charts, background and then publishing your creation.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Compare/contrast, Digital Storytelling, Creation, Reflection

Bloom's Level: 3-6  (Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, Creating)

-Digital Storytelling
-Resource gathering
-Project based learning
-Digital repository

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