Jan 31, 2017

New Google Sites!

Periodically, Google does updates to its most popular apps.  This has recently happened to Google Sites.  If you have tried Google Sites in the past and found it to be a little clunky, you need to look at it again!

Google Sites is easier to use than ever, though it is not quite as feature rich as the "classic" version, I see more updates coming to add back these features and more!

Google Sites is a free website creation app, built right into your Google Apps for Education (GAFE) tool set, as well as for those who have an individual Google account.

It is easy to build a website from scratch, using Google Sites.  You can add pages to the home page, edit any page add items (links, folders, documents, files, images, etc.) to any part of the webpage.  Adjust themes, colors, fonts, check readability of your color and font choices, to create a professional looking readable website.  The website is responsive, and the preview mode will allow you to check what the users will see on computers, tablets and smartphones.  Google provides you with access to many commercial usage approved images for enhancing your pages, and linking anything that is part of some other Google app is one click away.  Google Sites uses WYSIWYG to make things real simple on the site construction.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Compare/Contrast, Reflection, Digital Storytelling, Creating, Collaborating

Bloom's Level: 3-6  (Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, Creating)

-Digital repository
-Project Based Learning
-Resource gathering and storing

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