Sep 6, 2017

Google Keep! A digital post-it, note taking, list making tool.

Google Keep allows you to quickly and easily save thoughts, ideas, bit of information, images, web links, develop lists and give yourself reminders,  This is a Chrome extension and can be used not only on computers, but mobile devices as well (there is an app from the Apple Store and from Google Play).

Once you have the extension or app loaded on your device, you can quickly create a digital "post-it" note for things you want to save.  Use it to organize topics, deadlines for courses, categorize citations for a paper, create a task list, collaborate together on a group project where everyone gathers information, or save images to use for a project.  

Not only can you save your thoughts, capture the content, but you can set reminders for yourself, based on reaching a date/time or based on reaching a certain location/place.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGY: Compare/Contrast, Concept Formation, Reflection, Brainstorming
Bloom's Level = 2, 3, 4 (understanding, applying, analyzing)

-Digital note taking
-Reflective judgment (Affective Learning)
-Bookmark favorite links
-Categorize resources by topic
-Concept formation

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