Nov 8, 2017

Grade Proof - a proofreading add-on for the Google Chrome browser

Use the GradeProof add-on for proofreading and improving your writing submissions.

This is a free web-based application that is a Google Chrome browser add-on.  This is not an extension so you will not find it in the Google Chrome store, but get it through the add-on tool on the menu bar when in Google Docs.

This Google Chrome add-on is a free tool which allows you to take any written document, load it into Google Docs and instantly get feedback on that writing.  You will get feedback on grammar, spelling, and word usage along with various statistics about word count, sentences, and other information which could be helpful.

You are alerted to the errors with a color-coded key which alerts you to the type of errors and how many of each are in this writing.  Clicking on the error alert, gives you suggestions for how to fix it.  When you have made all the adjustments, just apply the changes and you are good to go with that paper!

Great tool for students to use, and Instructors may want to share this tutorial with students who could use some help.

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