Nov 27, 2017

Blend similar content into a lesson with Blendspace

Blendspace is a free web-based application from TES Teach out of the U.K.  It allows you to combine digital content, add in some assessments and make it all easy to consume with student interaction.

There are no downloads of any software, works on both a Mac an PC, and you just need an account (can sign up using Google, Facebook or any email address).

Blendspace allows you to group together all different kinds of content you have, plus allows you to search for what is available, as well as create quick assessments to gauge student learning.  You can add Google images, pdfs, web links, YouTube videos, Flickr images, documents and items you have stored in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox) to the stage, and create an interactive lesson.  You have multiple ways to share the results of this compilation including email, embed a link, and social media sharing.

Instructional Strategy: Lecture, Digital Storytelling, Reflection
Blooms Levels= 1-2 without activity (knowledge, comprehension) 3-4 with activity (application, analysis) 

Push content 
Introduce topic/content, followed by a discussion to support the concepts covered in the lecture 
Lecture method should include the types of experiences students will be afforded and the kinds of learning outcomes expected 
Incorporating an activity can help to enforce learning as the attention span of students may be limited 
Lecture should not repeat the textbook but should provide additional information and examples 
Provides the instructor the opportunity to apply the concepts from the book and course to real-world experiences

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