Nov 29, 2017

Quizizz - great way for students to review before an assessment, add a little gamification, and formative assessment to the class!

Quizizz is a free multi-player classroom review/assessment tool that allows you to push content, give students a fun review, check understanding, and conduct a formative assessment (with or without points).

Quizizz is a free web-based application tool that allows participants to access your content on a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, or mobile device.  There are no downloads required and students don't need an account to access.

This tool can be used online or in a face-to-face environment to check understanding, provide a review or give formative assessment individually, in teams, or as a way to "gamify" a part of your course!  You set the time that students have to answer the questions, and students can be rewarded based on speed and number correct.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Didactic Questioning, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving

Bloom's Level: 2-5  (Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating)

Learn how to use Quizziz to create your own "game-based" quiz game (think: Jeopardy for your topic, that you build).  This can be used for review before a big quiz/exam or as a great formative assessment tool.  Instructors as well as students can use this tool to provide a way to "assess" their audience after a content presentation to gauge understanding.  Similar to Kahoot! or FlipQuiz - other apps that doing the same thing.

- Flipped Classrom
- Blended Learning
- Formative Assessment
- Maker Movement
- BYOD uses
- Game-based learning
- Review before a major assessment

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