Aug 7, 2018

Canvas is here - but it changes every 3 weeks - what about Release Notes

Instructure Canvas is the new LMS used by the College.  Different from the previous LMS that had different "versions" available for its users, Canvas has only one version and every institution is on the same one.

Canvas changes its "instance" every 3 weeks.  So, there are smaller more frequent changes, but it is still nice to be able to stay on top of things, follow the changes and be prepared to adapt to these changes.  However, it you don't know what is happening, it can be a bit challenging.  Canvas produces "Release Notes" - this tutorial shows how you can access those release notes and learn about recent changes, what is on the drawing board and about subscribing so you can be alerted to the upcoming instance updates.

There are multiple changes in each update.  Some are related to "back-office" IT configuration, others related to the content areas, sometimes gradebook functionality improvements, different tools that are added or moved to a different location, or updates to the mobile apps.

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