Jun 21, 2018

FlipGrid - a free video discussion platform

FlipGrid is a free web-based video discussion platform which allows instructors to produce a video prompt and allow students to respond in kind.

Microsoft recently acquired FlipGrid which now allows unlimited free access to this web 2.0 too.  This works on Macs and PCs as well as mobile devices with the appropriate app.  Instructors create a free account to create, store and manage the grids and topics for discussion.  Students do not need any downloads or accounts as they access the content from the link and unique access code created at the time of the grid/topic creation.

FlipGrid allows instructors and students to record and share short videos with each other in a private environment with a unique access code for each instance. Lots of different uses come to mind when thinking about using this tool!

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Reflection, Digital Storytelling, Express an opinion, Justify your position, Virtual meet/greet

Bloom's Level 3-6 (Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, Creating)

-Flipped Classroom
-Blended Learning

-Formative Assessment
-Maker Movement
-Didactic Questioning

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