Dec 12, 2018

Create interactive assignments for website and online articles, using Insert Learning

Insert Learning is a Google Chrome Extension that can be easily accessed to add interactivity when you assign a website or an online article activity.  It is an easy one click add to the Google Chrome tool bar, both instructors and students have to install the extension in order to use it.

Have you every shared a website or an online article with your students and wondered whether or not they actually bothered to look at them?  Would you like to create an activity around this link?  The Chrome Extension Insert Learning allows you to do just that.  Add sticky notes, questions, discussions, and videos to links of content you provide for your class in a lesson.  These lessons can be shared with your students and using the built-in dashboard you can check their progress on these activities.

INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Reflection, Formative assessment, Express an opinion, Justify your position, Concept Formation

Bloom's Level 2-5 (Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating)

-Flipped Classroom
-Blended Learning

-Formative Assessment
-Didactic Questioning

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