Dec 11, 2018

Recording videos inside Canvas - now HTML5

In a recent Canvas update, recording video in the Announcements area, Discussions, or gradebook, no longer require an update/allowing of Adobe Flash.  The video recording tool now works on HTML5 and Flash no longer needs to be addressed.

This is real important as Flash cannot meet the demands of an ever increasing mobile world.  Flash has not been possible on iOS mobile devices for a long time and YouTube is shifting away from Flash toward HTML5.  Frankly Adobe plans on "killing" Flash by the end of 2020 anyway! All things considered, HTML5 operates with great audio and video capabilities and greater coordination with LTIs (Learning Tools Interoperability).

So if you are someone who wants to create an announcement, record some content to place in a discussion thread, or use the video recording to provide a unique form of feedback to your students, HTML5 will be used from this point on, in the Canvas platform. At this point BigBlueButton still requires the use of Flash - though I am hoping that changes at some point!

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