Feb 20, 2019

Add closed captioning to your videos with Amara!

Amara is a free transcription tool that allows you to easily create closed captions for videos.  Just open the software, log in to your account, add your URL.  In three easy steps you can playback your video, add captions, set the timing and publish the output.

Instructors should know that laws exist for Americans with Disability Act (ADA); Section 508 ensures that all learning materials are ADA compliant, and Section 504 requires accommodations for those who have a disability. The ID team’s focus is Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 using the WCAG 2.1 Principles as our benchmark.  

For videos, this means you need to have closed captioning or a typed transcript file available.

The functionality of this platform is relatively simple.  You log in to your account, add the URL of your video to the platform.  Once inside, you can listen to the playback of your video while you periodically pause and add the subtitles (closed captioning). You can back up and play again to make sure you don't miss everything.  Once you get all the text listed, you can "sync" the video recording with the subtitles.  You then can playback and align all the text with the appropriate video section.  Once complete you save and can share the end result.

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