Apr 25, 2019

Canvas - BigBlue Button update!

Instructure Canvas has just revealed a nice update to a built-in web conference tool, BigBlue Button.  No more Java plug-ins to deal with!  Different ways to share notes, easier screen sharing, multiple documents can be pre-loaded into your presentation area, YouTube uploads are no possible, and recording still available.

Instructional Strategy: Lecture, Demonstration
Bloom's Level = 1, 2 without activity (remembering, understanding)
                         = 3, 4+ with activity (applying, analyzing, etc.)

  • Push content
  • Introduce topic/content, followed by a discussion to support the concepts covered
  • The lecture should not just repeat textbook information but should provide additional information and examples
  • Provides the instructor the opportunity to apply the concepts from the book and course to real-world experiences
  • Provide an opportunity to demonstration process, formula, or data gathering/research methodology
  • Students are able to lead the discussion, whether individually or as part of a group collaboration
  • Challenge the imagination
  • Stimulate reflection
  • Provide feedback
  • Remote tutoring

You can find additional information about this and other Canvas tools at Canvas Guides.

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