Feb 14, 2020

Using Wakelet to collect, organize, and share content from across the Internet

Wakelet is a free application that essentially is a curation website.  Working individually or collaboratively in a group, you create collections of images, documents, videos, sounds, and links and house them on one site. This tool can be used for research gathering (house what you have found before you start writing), team projects, demonstrations, and presentations.

Instructional Strategy: Lecture, Demonstration
Bloom's Level = 1, 2 without activity (remembering, understanding)
                         = 3, 4+ with activity (applying, analyzing, etc.)

  • Push content
  • Introduce topic/content, followed by a discussion to support the concepts covered
  • Presentations
  • Provides the instructor/students the opportunity to apply the concepts from the book and course to real-world experiences
  • Provide an opportunity to demonstration process, formula, or data gathering/research methodology
  • Students are able to lead the discussion, whether individually or as part of a group collaboration
  • Challenge the imagination
  • Stimulate reflection
  • Individual or group usage

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