Mar 10, 2020

Build media rich content with Buncee

Use a creation and communication tool, called Buncee, to build media-rich content for your classes.

Buncee can be used for any subject, any class, by both students and instructors. You can create digital flyers, invitations, slide presentations, digital/print signage, design mockups, graphic directions, newsletters and much more. There is a free basic version, but it is a limited trial for 30 days of premium usage, then reduces to the free version and what it offers, which is quite a bit. You can download your finished project or have access to various ways to share with a link and embed code.

Instructional Strategy: Concept Formation
Bloom's Levels: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating and Creating

  • Categorize learning (help students group content based on certain characteristics)
  • Explore ideas by making connections
  • A visual way to present information and demonstrate learning
  • See relationships between items of information
  • Classify objects, events, or ideas
  • Compare items of information
  • Present a cause & effect relationship
  • Sequence items of information

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