Oct 6, 2016

Blackboard Collaborate - TIPS - Preventing Tunnel Vision

Using Blackboard Collaborate!

One of the tools inside Blackboard Collaborate is called Share Application. Share Application allows you to do just that.  Share with those in your Collaborate session (or those that view it later if you record it) what application you have open.  It could be Google Drive, a Word document, a website, etc.  This can be very helpful for demonstration purposes, tutoring, doing a walk though, or working collaboratively on a project.

Often when we work on the computer it is common to multi-task by having a number of windows or tabs open.  In Collaborate doing a Share Application creates what is known as "tunnel vision" (demonstrated in the video).  This is not really what you want your group to see, so there is a work around that is effective.

This short video tutorial shows you what the "tunnel vision" looks like and what you can do so it doesn't happen to you!

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