Nov 26, 2016

What is TED-ED and how can I use it to create content?

TED-ED is TED's educational initiative!  A large community of students and teachers have create lots of video lessons on thousands of subjects.  The best part, once you find one you are interested in, you can modify it for your needs?  Can't find exactly what you want in a lesson, but maybe you can find a video - you can create a lesson out of it.  Finally, if you can't find anything that meets your needs, just create your own video by adding a TED Lesson Page!

Sometimes it can be a bit challenging to come up with fresh content.  You have taught the same subject before and have your "go to" content, but are thinking about something new. TED-ED gives you access to plenty of of pre-made lessons on thousands of different subject.  You can use one as it is - they have some formative assessments ideas and discussion prompts which make this very usable. You can also search for one that is already created and modify it.  Finally - if it doesn't exist - make it!  You can create your very own TED-ED lesson in a few easy steps.  It is easy - just register for a TED-ED account and start creating!

-Blended Learning
-Flipped Classroom
-Create content
-Formative assessment
-Students leading lessons
-Video content

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