May 3, 2018

Using Canva to easily create graphic designs for many uses without having to know complicated, expensive design software

Canva is a free web based graphic design software that works on computers and mobile devices.  Get access to millions of photos, thousands of graphics and fonts, and hundreds of tools and templates!

There is a short learning curve to get up and running as the tool has many templates to start your design and just make modifications, or you can get real creative and design from scratch.  Though most features come with the basic package (free) there are additional features available in the premium package (paid).

You can design cover sheets, presentations, social media graphics and more with many layout templates, tools, and design elements already provided in this free version. Let you imagination and creativity guide you as you create inspiring, attention grabbing, stunning graphical images and documents.


Bloom's Level: 1-6  (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, Creating)

-Digital Storytelling
-Digital Posters
-Digital Bulletin board
-Cover sheet for a report
-YouTube Thumbnail image

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